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Remgro AGM 24/11/2011; FRL AGM 1/12/2011; and others related matters. Read more...
Letter to Mr “LL” Dippenaar – Chairman and The Directors and FRL/FRBL/FNB and Mr B Unser – Company Secretary to FirstRand Limited. PWCI, DTT, DRI, Hartard/Mostert and co., CSL. Read more...
Report by Michael Harris Re my ‘fight for Justice’ Read more..
Letter to Mr “JP” Rupert, Mr. “GT” Ferreira, Mr “PK” Harris, the Directors , Co. Sect., and Remgro Read more..
Letter to The SAPS Sophia town.
Banking group FirstRand could be forced to disclose details of the offshore accounts of 500 clients,
Read more..

The Three faces of Johann Rupert. Read more about the Stellenbosch-based dynasty headed by Johann Rupert.

A gallery of kindred spirits and zelaous banking merchants.

GT Fereira, JR Rupert, LL Dippenaair, PK Harris, VIV Bartlet,
RK Store, PM Goss, MW King, BJ Van de ross, JP Burger.
See what this bank did to me (the ant) and my family and The Mazlen Trust. Please go to:
  1. 24 Police Cases
  2. News Media
  3. Competition Commission
  4. Report: The Honourable Magistrate Mrs H Rath
See the Settlement Agreement 19-11-07 with this bank and then see the 23 Months of promises and LIES. Please go to:
  1. Settlement Agreement
  2. Correspondence 07-11-07 to date
See how this ant intends to Prosecute by seeking the support of
  1. 500 Interested Parties
  2. 5000 Organisations
  3. 1 000 000 Signatures from the General Public